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About Deities and Demigods

Deities and Demigods' primary goal is to progress through 10 man content in World of Warcraft with a focused casual approach. While we always want to keep in mind that playing the game is supposed to be enjoyable, we're also striving for improvement with every run.

We are trying to build our numbers in preparation for Mists of Pandaria so that we can have full guild raids, as well as bolster our numbers for guild achievements, and to create a diverse and active player base. However, we don't wish to grow at a rate that makes gaining members that we all like and know difficult.

We are more about the person behind the character than just any one given character. Along with that being said, all alts and friends of guild members are welcome to join the guild as well.



^^ Check out the facebook page, and follow up. Hopefully we can use it to help organize events ^^

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