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re: Guild Vault! Info, Donations & Repairs


This is something I find myself talking to a lot of people about from time to time in guild chat, and figured I would make a post about it here to condense all the information.  It's been mentioned a lot from time to time and there might even be a post on it here in the forum somewhere, but just to outline the guild bank:

1) The first tab (with the exception of cloth and leather, I'll circle back to that in a bit) is open to anyone. Pets, old crafting materials, PvP gems and enchantments - these are all open to take.  These are things guildies have made and want given away.  If you see something on the first tab that you want (say a new pet that you don't have) just take it.  It's why it's there.  Things that are left too long on this tab are eventually auctioned off and the gold is put back into the bank. So, by all means please take something you see there that you want.

The cloth and leather there are end-game materials and would really only be useful to someone crafting end-game materials.  They don't have their own tab yet (we're working on that) but if you have something you need either Windwool or Leather for, then feel free to take what you need. Need some for your daily cooldown? Go ahead and grab what you need.

It should go without saying that things that come from the guildbank should be used. Not taken out and auctioned off to keep the gold for yourself.

2) The other tabs contain materials that raiders use, such as gems and enchantments, flasks, potions and herbs.  However, if you need something from one of these tabs and you're not a raider and you see there is plenty of the item you want, feel free to ask someone who can access the tab to get you what you need.  We like to make sure these items are available for raiders first, but we can share when there's plenty to go around.

3) Donations

We are always accepting donations of any end-game material.  This includes: Trillium Ore & Bars, Ghost Iron Ore & Bars, Pandarian Herbs, Cloth, Leather and the Noodle Cart food items.  Sometimes we have plenty of some of these things and sometimes we need more of others.  If you wanted to farm something specific, we ALWAYS need the following:

Golden Lotus
Green Tea Leaf
Snow Lily
Black Pepper
Rice Flour

Currently, we also need: (as of 5/26)
Fool's Cap
Rain Poppy
Redbelly Mandarin
Giant Mantis Shrimp
Tiger Gourami
(To be fair, the herbs are a higher priority - we have SO MANY noodle carts right now, we won't need the ingredients for a little while.)

4) Repairs

This area is a little grey. Use your best judgement. If you're a raider during raid time, you are always welcome to use the guild repairs.  Outside of raid time, we encourage you to use your own funds if  you can. If you can't, then use the guild's.  Try and use your own first when possible. We aren't hurting for funds right now, but if we're not careful we could be. It's a careful balance.

If you use some guild repairs outside of raiding, see if you can help knock out a dungeon or scenario challenge - the guild makes money for every guild run we complete.  Also, anything you loot, an additional percentage of that goes to the guild.  As long as you are active doing stuff, you will make the guild some gold.


Any questions?  Have any suggestions? See something you don't like?  Feel free to let me know!


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