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re: Thoughts on Guild Notes


While re-reading the forum post on guild chat guidelines: (check it out and send me feedback if you haven't already) I was thinking about guild notes.  A while back I had more than one person come to me and mention that they had been really hurt by something in their guild note and didn't understand who would put it there or why it was insulting them.

For the most part, this seems to have been addressed, which is good.  I don't want to police people and constantly scan guild notes, and be offended on their behalf.  And 95% of our guild notes come from conversations with other guildies, something that was said that was really funny in context but can sound really awful out of context.

Some suggestions to keep in mind:

-Make sure the person the guild note is about understand the context and won't be offended.  I find this to be incredibly important, and it should help insure that nothing is misinterpreted. It can be very easy to pull a variety of meanings from a very short blurb of text completely removed from any context.

-If someone changes their guild note away from something you put - don't change it back.  Maybe they didn't like it, or didn't want to see it anymore. Find something else to change it to if needed, but don't revert it to something that has already been removed.

-As people with guild notes, we should all be prepared to be offended, either by our own guild note or by someone else's.  It's part of it. We all like each other though and shouldn't have to endure being offended.  If you log in and see something you don't like in your guild note, take a deep breath, remind yourself someone was probably trying to be funny, and then change it to something nicer.

That should help clear up any misunderstandings and help avoid hurt feelings, but I'm also very interest to know your thoughts and suggestions. I guess the bottom line is between this and guild chat is about the same: Just be nice lol

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