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re: Raiding Rules (2/15/2017)


First and at the top of the list; Any and all concerns or complaints should be brought to the attention of the Raid Leaders. It seems that we have an issue with this not being enforced so from this point on this will be the golden rule of our raid team. If you have a concern? Ask a Raid Leader. If you have a question or comment that could offend someone? Ask a Raid Leader.


1) Be on time.  On time means fifteen minutes before the raid time.  This give you time to get your flasks, food, potions, seals and whatever else you may need to take care of before raid starts. This also gives the raid lead time to assess who may be running late, who may not make it because of work, or who ended up held up in traffic and needs to be replaced. We should be pulling trash/bosses at 6pm server.  If you are late, you may or may not have a spot on the raid team.  This was more easily enforced when we didn't have flexible raid sizes because you could and had to be replaced.  I'll admit - I've gone lax on this because I didn't want to be an ass.  But people are consistently showing up late and we are starting late and waiting on people to pull. This is unfair to people who are on time and early every week. If you're late, you may be banned from the raid for that night, regardless of raid size. (If you have a conflict or work late and let the raid leader know ahead of time that you will be there but late/right at pull, that is fine, as long as that communication happens ahead of time.)


2) Non-Regular Raiding

Raid members should have a basic understanding of all boss encounters. A video will work wonders in understanding the overview of an encounter. While this is something we are all guilty of, we must strive to make this less and less obvious. The best way to do that? Read, watch, ask.


A. Know the fights.  If you've missed a couple raids and haven't seen what our current boss progression is, you are required to watch videos/read guides.  Come to a raid with questions about how we do the strategy, not an expectation to have a fight be completely re-explained for you.  We are a progression-oriented group, and while we are happy to have guildies drop in when they can to raid, we cannot afford to spend time re-explaining all the fights.


B. Have the gear.  We are comfortable enough to be able to afford Fringe Raiders - people who maybe can't make every raid but want to tag in when they can. This is awesome.  We love this.  However, if you are a fringe raider tagging in on a progression night, the team will expect you to have the gear and know the fights to fill in as if you had been raiding with us the whole time.  We don't mind carrying to help gear up, but on push progression nights, we need everyone to be on their A-game.


3) Gear should be enchanted and gemmed. Age old standby. If you're not sure what to be using, check out tools like or check with guides like noxxic or on your primary/secondary stats.  Talk with guildies, see what they are using.  Even if you're not sure what to gem or enchant, there's no reason to have gear that doesn't have some stat enhancement on it if it's able to. We are gifted in having multiple individuals in our core group who are not only knowledgable in this field but who are more than willing to help gem and enchant other raiders.


4) You >will not< call anyone out in raid. If you see an issue, you will bring it to the raid leader's attention first in private, and if they choose to act on it, they will choose the best method to do so, either publicly or privately with the individual. It is not up to another raider's discretion to handle this. While it is always important to improve and progress, calling out faults and flaws in the heat of battle where DPS or gear cannot be changed on the spot is not productive. If it isn't something that can be fixed on the spot between pulls like a talent or a glyph, do not bring it up during the raid to the group. This will not be tolerated to any degree. Failure to follow this rule will result in ejection from the raid for the week. Repeat offenses will result in longer suspension times from the raid group.


Furthermore, raiders are expected to be mature in difficult times. This means angry outbursts, public complaints, name calling, and public arguments will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate ejection from the raid week in progress. Further instances will result in extended exclusion periods.


5) RSVP. If you don't RSVP by the day of raid (and don't alert the raid leader via mobile guild chat, text, etc.) you will be considered declined and will not receive an invite.  RSVP'ing isn't difficult.  If you're not sure, you can even click 'tentative.'  Try and make sure to change it when you know for sure, however.  While it isn't a fun way to go about things, we will be enforcing this a bit more sternly. We need to be sure that we know who is and who is not going to be available for raid so that we can fill our roster for those empty spots. Spending a half hour attempting to find a healer is a waste of everyones' time and it certainly is not pleasurable to ask 15+ people to wait around while we fill after they've devoted 3-6 hours of their life to our endevours every week.


6) Friends of guildies. We are trying to push progression, and on occasion we may opt to gear some alts/friends.  If you have a friend who would like to come, please run it by the raid leader first.  They may want to adjust loot or loot rules to accommodate that.  As it stands now, guildies and PUGs recruited by the RL for the raid will have equal shot at loot - unless there are other circumstances going on. Friends invited by other raiders may or may not receive the same open loot privileges.  Always run these requests by your raid lead first to ensure maximum cohesion with the group.


7) Alts.  This goes with point six above.  I know some nights may feel slower than others and we may be running bosses to funnel gear to specific people as we expand to a consistent 20-man team.  However, in order to maximize the time we have to raid, I am asking everyone to bring assigned toons.  If you don't need anything off of a boss, sorry, just take it as an awesome point and we are one piece of gear closer to being ready.  Lately we have had a lot of people bringing alts on the Tuesday/Wednesday team.  We have set characters on each raid team (and this can be changed of course) for a few reasons: we can gear up that character and it keeps the classes and roles balanced.  If there is a strong interest in more raiding opportunities for alts, that can be arranged.  Please make sure you are bringing the appropriate toon to raid nights and if you aren't sure which that is, please check with your raid leader.  If you would like to switch the character assignment for a raid, that can be arranged, pending no conflict with roles, classes or token groups, and with raid lead approval.  From this point on there will be no more toon-hopping mid-raid.  It is simply taking too much time away from raid, and it isn't fair to others who may want to gear alts but cannot, nor is it fair to keep asking the raid leader to account/accommodate an ever-changing raid composition.



8) Loot rules are determined between raid leaders as well as the guild leader. These are discussed at length with several individuals before being put into play. There will always be a chance to voice concerns and opinions which is at the time that the plan is shared with the raid team. Refusing to speak then will be considered acceptance of the Loot rules. Public complaining, in opposition to speaking with the raid leaders or guild leader privately, will not be tolerated. The team comes before any one individual and these rules are set in place to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to be rewarded for their work.


Courtesy Aeryna, Vitaus & Interalia

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